Boblyon Brigade


!Boblyon Brigade!

    Oh yeah!  This is the Boblyon Brigade official website!! ARE YOU SIKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......Well you should be.   This is here to give you the latest, GREATEST,  MOST FANTASTICAL NEWS!!!!!!!S This news includes all the newest boblyon moves, the current members of the Brigade, and a new boblyon fact every week!!!

The Boblyon DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                          Oh! Oh!  Did you know that the theme song has a dance?!?!  It has 5  important moves that you can really groove and get down with.
    *Put hand over the top of your head and move down the back of your head and over your right shoulder while you say       Boblyon...   This represents the mane.
     *  Do the robot when the song sings "robots in disguise"

     *repeat the boblyon move when the song sings boblyon again.  It is a quick and fluent movement.
      *Brush your hands sideways in front of each eye once.  The left  hand to the left eye and the right to the right eye.  Do one brush for each lovely. 

       * put your hands on each side of your face ( left and right not up and down)  for the word eyes, and pause like that for a moment.  then the dance is over. 

Boblyon Brigade Members

The current members of the boblyon brigade are:
*Allison Holtzman
*Lauren Fitch
*Jocelyn Corey
*Ailish O'Donnell
*Jaclyn Whiteford
*Jonathan Holtzman

To contact us, e-mail  

Did You Know.....?

The official favorite color of a Boblyon is Boblyon Burnt Brick Brown (copyrighted by the boblyon law enforcement). 

The Boblyon Brigade has an official theme song.  It goes...
  Boblyons, robots in disguise,
  boblyons, have lovely lovely eyes!   
 [ to the tune of transformers]

It also has a dance.